Parkinsonism & Related Disorders is the official journal of the IAPRD.

Regular features will include: Review Articles, Point of View articles, Full-length Articles, Short Communications, Case Reports and Letter to the Editor.

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Our Upcoming Congress in MONTREAL / CANADA, 16 – 19 June 2019!

Since 1959, IAPRD has organized World Congresses on Parkinson's Disease and Related Disorders. Initially these were planned every four years, but later became more frequent, and were held every two years.

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Wolters and Baumann, editors
VU-University Press, January - April 2014

In 'Parkinson Disease and Other Movement Disorders', an up-to-date, 832 pp multidisciplinary overview of motor and behavioural movement disorders is provided under the auspices of the IAPRD.

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Our Educational Congresses!

IAPRD's support of these educational endeavors was acknowledged by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) as an extremely positive activity, representing the very best use of the financial resources of the IAPRD.

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The IAPRD and IPSEN Pharmac. have supported the app development

This easy-to-use app is designed to be used by patients and exercise therapists dealing with Parkinson's Disease and other forms of Parkinsonism as a source of advice and instructions for daily exercises and movements.

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Congresses and Meetings

XXIV World Congress on Parkinson's Disease and Related Disorders, 16 – 19 June 2019, MONTREAL / CANADA

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