Past Melvin Yahr speakers

Melvin Yahr Lectures

Each year, one or more speakers are selected to give invited addresses at the World Congress on Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders in honor of Dr. Melvin Yahr. Dr. Yahr was a pioneer in the use of L-dopa for the treatment for Parkinson disease, who, among his many other accomplishments, also helped establish movement disorders as a medical specialty.

Melvin Yahr speakers are selected by the IAPRD Awards Committee, in conjunction with the Scientific Program Executive Committee for each meeting. Criteria are outstanding research contributions in clinical and/or basic science in the field of Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders and excellent presentation skills, commensurate with the honor. Past Melvin Yahr speakers are listed below.

2020Joseph Jankovic, MD
Parkinson Disease and Essential Tremor: How Are They Related?
2019Claudia Trenkwalder, MD
Revisiting the Diagnosis of REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

Jon Stoessl, MD
Imaging the Brain in Basal Ganglia Disease: What Do We Hope to See and How Should We Interpret It?
2018Ronald Pfeiffer, MD
My Gut Reaction: The Story of Parkinson Disease from the Mouth to the Colon

Michael Schwarzschild, MD
Searching for the Holy Grail: Lessons Learned from My Journey as a Clinician Scientist
2017Stanley Fahn, MD
The 200 Year Journey of Parkinson Disease: Reflecting on the Past and Looking Towards the Future

Elena Moro, MD, PhD
Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in Movement Disorders: Lessons from the Last 3 Decades